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Welcome to Midgard City! First thing you need to know that this is a low rate server with 3x rates!
You can read our Server Info for more details.

How do I start playing?

Okay here's how you start playing the game.
First you need to Create an Account
and then after creating an account. Join our Discord Channel
Once you're done creating an account and joined the community.
You may now download the Game!

Where do I download the game?

A variety of Download Options are available to install the game
as convenient and easy as possible for you. Make sure to check our installation guide!
If you experience any troubles, consult our detailed troubleshooting guide or ask us on the forums.

Help! Iím lost! Where to start in-game?

When you create a new character; you will land at the Training ground. Speak to Usher and Sign up for training course.
Take the courses until you pass all the test and make it to Job Level 10!
Change Job immediately once you reached Job Level 10.
You can visit the Midgard Headquarters for more activity!

Do I get any free items/equips?

Yes, you do! at our Training Ground just talk to the Freebies NPC,
You'll recieve your free beginners pack and beginners bag that will help you in your adventure, also we have the special beginner set pack which contain weapons depending on your Job Class.
Note: You can get the freebies only once.

What are these items in my inventory?

Once you get the freebies or beginners package from kafra; those equipments and usable items
are added in your inventory! Use them for leveling/grinding!

Hmmm... All done, I want to go to the main page.

Alright! Click here for the Main Page

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