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Job Quest : Swordman

Quest conditions

1. Must be Novice Job Lv.10 and must have Basic Skill Lv.9

2. Use all skill points before completing the quest

Swordsman Quest

Go Izlude town and go left Izlude (52, 136)

Now go inside and talk to the Swordsman Guildsman and choose "Job Change"

Then you must "Sign up" in order to start the job change quest to Swordman

Then to your left, talk to the Swordsman NPC standing beside.
He will take you to the other room.

As soon as you enter this room, you will find another Swordsman NPC. As shown in the image, they will say that we must pass the test within 10 minutes. There will be 3 stages of this test.

Then let us walk and talk to the soldier. The soldier in the picture will then take us into the testing room.

This is the first test we will face. Try to walk and don't fall into the black hole.

Reminder : If you fall down, you must hurry to find a portal because there will be a monster in it and If you die, you have to start the test all over again.

This is the second trial (with Chonchon, be careful) it's a long wooden bridge. Walk carefully, don't fall down.
When we pass all three tests, there will be an Npc named Mae standing to talk to him. And there will be an announcement that you passed the test.

Then go back and talk to the Guildsman that we talked to in the first place and "Change job"

Job Quest : Thief

Quest conditions

1. Must be Novice Job Lv.10 and must have Basic Skill Lv.9

2. Use all skill points before completing the quest

Thief Quest

Go to Morroc coordinates 28 294 and enter the portal in the upper left of the city

Go to the top left portal of the map moc_ruins coordinates (61,161)

Then walk into the portal. At the center of the map (white arrow)

when you arrive in this room Go into the room on the left and talk to NPC named Thief Guide


Talk to the NPC named Thief Guide and she will ask you if
are you applying to become a Thief? and choose "Hey, I came here to be a thief"

Then he will let us go to the farm to collect mushrooms.

Go to the map moc_ruins coordinates (141,125)
and talk to NPC named Mr.Irrelevant and he will send us to the Mushroom Farm
At the Mushroom Farm, hit a monster named Orange Mushroom to collect mushrooms
. There will be 2 types of mushrooms. these mushrooms will have different scores as follows.
1. Orange Net Mushroom worth 3 points
2. Orange Gooey Mushroom worth 1 point

After collecting more than 25 points of 2 types of mushrooms, go outside the mushroom farm.
by walking around at the bottom in the middle of the map, or anyone who carries a Butterfly Wing, can use it.

Then let us go back to the room to change job.
Talk to NPC named Comrade and he will give you points then you're a thief!.

Job Quest : Merchant

Quest conditions

1. Must be Novice Job Lv.10 and must have Basic Skill Lv.9

2. Use all skill points before completing the quest

Merchant Quest

Go to Alberta coordinates (37,41) and go inside the Merchant guild


Talk to NPC named Merchant and choose "I want to be a merchant"

Then he will tell you the product code. And we will randomly send the product to only one place out of a total of 4 places.

Talk to NPC Merchant Guildsman and they will tell you where we need to deliver the goods. And let us enter the product code obtained from the first NPC.

Location of delivery 1
Prontera is located in the lower right corner of the city, coordinates 248,42

Location of delivery 2
Geffen is located in the upper left corner of the city. Coordinates in front of the warp 65,177

Location of delivery 3
Byalan Island can be reached by boat from Izude. If we have to deliver goods here, the first NPC will send a letter to you.
Kafra too, and when the letter has been sent will be paid 200 zeny

Location of delivery 4
The town of Morroc is located at the hotel in the upper right corner of the city. Coordinates in front of the warp 271 269 when you are inside, go to the the right warp portal again and talked to his Student to deliver.

when the product is delivered You will receive 1 receipt. Go back to Alberta and talk to NPC Merchant Guildsman to hand over the receipt.

Then come back and talk to NPC Merchant again, he will change your job immediately
If we initially paid 500 zeny for registration, then we would have to pay an additional 500 zeny before we could switch job.

Job Quest : Acolyte

Quest conditions

1. Must be Novice Job Lv.10 and must have Basic Skill Lv.9

2. Use all skill points before completing the quest

Acolyte Quest

Go to Prontera and walk to upper right of the town to see a church.
Coordinates (234, 314) Walk into the church. After entering the church, on the right hand side you will see the first door and walk in...

At the very end of the room you will find Father Mareusis, talk to him and tell him that " Father, I want to be an Acolyte"

Reverend Father will tell us to go on a pilgrimage, which must go to a priest. but will randomly give us only 1 of these 3 people, namely
1. Father Yosuke
2. Father Rubalkabara
3. Mother Mathilda

Pastor Location 1
If Reverend Father tells us to visit Reverend Rubalkabara northeast of town Prontera has the following walking path
• Go out through the city's right gate portal, Prontera and go out
• Once you are outside prontera, go to the upper part of the map and enter the portal
• Walk one more to the upper right to enter the map prt_fild03
• Walk to the coordinates of (365, 255) and you will find Bishop Rubalkabara
• Talk to him. The pastor will tell us to go back to see the Cleric again.

Pastor Location 2
If Father tells us to visit Pastor Yosuke northwest of town Prontera has the following walking path
• Go out through the city's left gate portal, Prontera and go out
• Walk into the map upper left end portal
• Walk one more map to the upper left to enter the map prt_fild00
• Walk to the coordinates of (208, 218) and you will find Bishop Yosuke
• Talk to him after talking. The pastor will tell us to go back to see Cleric again.

Pastor Location 3
If Father tells us to go to the nuns Mathilda southwest of Prontera, the following route will be followed
• Teleport from Kafra anywhere in Prontera to Morroc
• Go through Morroc's upper gate to enter the map moc_fild07
. • Walk to the coordinates (41, 355) to meet the nun Mathilda
. • Talk to her after talking. She will tell us to travel back to see Cleric again.

After returning from the pastors, talk to Father again. Reverend Father will immediately change your job to Acolyte.

Job Quest : Archer

Quest conditions

1. Must be Novice Job Lv.10 and must have Basic Skill Lv.9

2. Use all skill points before completing the quest

Archer Quest

Go to Payon Town and walk out of the portal. On top of the city
When you reach the map outside, walk towards the house on the top right at the coordinates of pay_arche (140,160)


Talk to an Npc named Archer Association Officer (payon_in02 65, 67) in the middle of the room to request registration
After talking to the Archer Association staff, answer the following steps. As shown in the example below

The staff will tell the applicants to collect the Trunk wood and give it without specifying that all 4 types of wood must be completed.
Which will use as many sticks, each piece can give a total of at least 25 points or from 25 points or more, which is the highest score is 40 points.
Or can find more than 40 points, with each stick having the following points

Trunks 1 point
Baren Trunk2 points
Solid Trunk3 points
Fine Grained Trunk5 points
You can get these trunk from Willow and Elder willow outside payon town.

From the example image below, we use 80 trunks, so the total is 80 points.

This is how you can change job to Archer.

Job Quest : Magician

Quest conditions

1. Must be Novice Job Lv.10 and must have Basic Skill Lv.9

2. Use all skill points before completing the quest

Magician Quest

Go to the town Geffen coordinates (65,176) to find the Mage's Guild building on the left (follow the arrows in Minimap)

Talk to an NPC named Mage Guild Officer standing at the very end of the guild. and choose to answer " Want to be a Mage "

He will ask us to sign up to become a Mage, choose to answer " Register "

And he will tell you to make a potion to test. He will randomly select the test for numbers 1-4 out of a total of 4 numbers.

Mixing formula

After knowing the number of reagents to be made Walk to the right side of the room to find a bookcase. This will tell you all the information about making the reagents.

Buy Payon Solution and Morroc Solution as shown in the picture below

Solution Item ingredient Chemical Code Catalyst
Solution 1

Payon Solution

Jellopy x2 ea

Fluff x3 ea

Milk x1 ea

8472 Yellow Gemstone
Solution 2

Not Appliable

Jellopy x3 ea

Fluff x1 ea

Milk x1 ea

3735 Red Gemstone
Solution 3

Payon Solution

Jellopy x6 ea

Fluff x1 ea

2750 Blue Gemstone
Solution 4

Morroc Solution

Jellopy x2 ea

Fluff x3 ea

5429 1 Carat Diamond

You can buy milk in prontera NPC named Milk Merchant located at Prontera coordinates (73,134)
When the mixer is ready to mix, it receives Unknown Test Tube 1 ea.

Let's go back and talk to the NPC that we talked to in the first place. Mage Guild staff, he will ask again
Choose "I Want to be a Mage "

Job Quest : Knight

Quest conditions

1. Only Swordman Job lv. 40 and above also make sure to use all Skill Points before completing the quest.

Knight Quest

Go inside the Chivalry located in the NorthWest corner ofProntera (prontera 48, 343). This is also known as the Knight Guild
Inside, speak to the NPC named Chivalry Captain (Captain Herman) standing behind a desk to apply for the quest.

He will let you fill out an application first so that we can change job to Knight

After that, speak to Sir Andrew located close to the entrance prt_in 75,106

Next, Speak to Sir Siracuse found at the south end of the room by the table. He asks questions pertaining to the Knight class. If you fail it the first time, speak to him again to re-take it. prt_in 71,92
He will ask 5 questions for you and choose the right answer to pass the test.

Question Answer
1. Weapon unaffected by Twohand Quicken Flamberge
2. Skill not required for Bowling Bash Provoke Level 10
3. Option not necessary for Brandish Spear Spear Boomerang
4. Weapon that can attack a Nightmare monster Zephyrus
5. The correct amount 80%
6. You should tell the novice about a Hunting area
7. In the front of a battle you should protect everyone
8. The most important value of a Knight honor

Speak to Sir Windsor near the middle of the room who will warp the player to a waiting room.

Enter the chat room found here you will be transported to the first stage of the Battle Test if no one else is in line; otherwise, wait inside the chat room for others to finish the test.

This is the First test room, Monster: Argos,Andre,Deniro,Piere,Dustiness

This is the Second trial room, with monsters Drainliar, Desert Wolf, Anacondaq and Frilldora.

This is the 3rd and the last room, there will be 4 types of 6 goblins.

After killing the monster in the test room, Go back and talk to NPC Chivalry Captain

Speak to Lady Amy ( Lady Amy) at prt_in 70,107 in the bottom left corner of the Chivalry to begin her quiz.

  • Answers:
    1. Open a Chat Room and Wait or Look for people seeking Knights
    2. Check out the area and plan ahead or Lead the party slowly at the front
    3. Keep the monsters from reaching your party or Defend while the party retreats
    4. Ask your party's Priest to help
    5. Give it to who deserves it the most or Decide with a party who gets it
    6. Open a chat room and wait or Inquire if there is anyone that is interested
    7. Give suggestions for a place to hunt
    8. Tell the person how to reach the exit or Lead the person to the exit
    9. Would it be possible to get a heal, please?
    10. Ask around to find the owner or Simply walk by

Next, engage in conversation with Sir Edmond ( Sir Edmond ) prt_in 71,99 He will teleport you to a map with Porings, Lunatics, and Chonchons.

Just stand still and we will pass (Don't kill any monster!)

Talk to Sir Gray ( Sir Gray) prt_in 86,92 who gives another quiz.

  • The quickest way to finish his test is with the answers below, however nearly any answer can be selected and he will simply try to persuade the player to answer differently. Just select answers that portray a friendly, altruistic person.
  • Answers:
    1. Stronger
    2. To protect others
    3. Those waiting for me
    4. Friends

Return to the Chivalry Captain (Captain Herman) who changes your job to Knight. 7 Awakening Potions will be rewarded regardless of job level.

You can rent a PecoPeco outside the Knight Guild on the right side.

Job Quest : Assassin

Quest conditions

1. Only Thief Job lv. 40 and above also make sure to use all Skill Points before completing the quest.

Assassin Quest

Go to moc_fild16 coordinates (205,292) is the entrance to the career change building

Next, talk to NPC named Guildsman, location 19 33, and select "Yes, I've picked my last pocket". then he will send you to another room

Talk to Assassin Khai, who is hiding behind a pillar on the right side of the room You can only talk to him if you come very near to him.
He will ask you to confirm again that he wants to be an Assassin, then he will send us to the next room.

when entering this room, walk straight up, then there will be a mysterious question that we will not see the NPC. Must answer 9 out of 10 questions to pass.
If you fail to answer all the question, you can answer repeatedly. by walking backwards then walk back again The questions will be randomly selected in 3 sets of 10 questions each as follows:
(Please see the answer below to answer)

Set of questions 1

1. Choose skill that is not required to learn Grimtooth.rimtooth?
Answer : Right hand Mastery level 2
2. What property does Enchant Poison possess?
Answer : Poison
3. How does Level 4 Right Hand Mastery work?
Answer : Increase 90% of damage
4. What is the item required for using Venom Dust?
Answer : Red Gemstone
5. Which skill can you learn when you reach Level 5 Enchant Poison?
Answer : Venom Dust
6. Among the following skills, which allows you to walk while invisible?
Answer : Cloaking
7. Choose the condition that is unrelated to Venom Splasher.
Answer : Red Gemstone
8. Which monster is weak to a weapon with Vadon card (adds 20% damage on Fire property monster)?
Answer : Elder Willow
9. How much SP does Double Attack need?
Answer : It's a passive skill, so SP use is 0.
10. What is the best elemental Main Gauche weapon for hunting in Izlude dungeon?
Answer : Wind Main Gauche

Set of questions 2

1. Which monster drops a slotted Katar?
Answer : Desert Wolf
2. Which monster drops a slotted Jur?
Answer : Martin
3. Which class is allowed to craft elemental weapons?
Answer : Blacksmith
4. Choose the weapon which is not in the Katar class.
Answer : Gladius
5. What property do Izlude dungeon monsters posses?
Answer : Water
6. Which monster cannot be a Cute Pet?
Answer : Roda Frog
7. Choose a monster that Fire property Daggers work the best on.
Answer : Hammer Goblin
8. Choose the non-elemental Katar from the following:
Answer : Infiltrator
9. Which is the uncommon monster?
Answer : Ghostring
10. Choose the monster that is not Undead.
Answer : Spore

Set of questions 3

1. Choose the correct amount of the maximum dodge rate increase from the 'Increase Dodge' skill when at level 10.
Answer : 30
2. Choose a monster which detects hiding/cloaking Thieves and Assassins.
Answer : Andre
3. Choose a group of weapons that cannot be used by an Assassin at once.
Answer : Katar + Maingauche
4. Choose the town where Thieves can change their jobs.
Answer : Morroc
5. Choose a card that does not affect the AGI stat.
Answer : Whisper Card
6. Choose the correct specialty of the Assassin class.
Answer : Excellent dodge ability
7. Choose the maximum AGI bonus an Assassin can get at job level 50.
Answer : 10
8. Choose the item that an Assassin cannot equip.
Answer : Helm
9. Choose the job change item for Thief.
Answer : Orange Gooey Mushroom,Orange Net Mushroom
10. Choose a card that would typically benefit an Assassin the least.
Answer : Elder Willow Card

After answering the questions, walk up to meet Barcardi and take a practical test.

Kill 6 monsters and a portal will appear. You can walk into the warp.
The next test will be the evasion test.
We will have to dodge the Mummy and run to the end of the room on the other side.

This test will be a walk through a maze
To walk, walk to the left. and then cut the edge of the wall down and down As the example picture

When he arrived at the Guildmaster, he had four personality questions.
(Let us Answer the questions below)


1.First off, what do you think is the priority of an Assassin?
Answer : An Assassin's pride
2. I can understand why their pride and dignity would be so important to them. Now, for what reason do you wish to become an Assassin?
Answer : I like the solitude.
3. So if you could become an Assassin right now, what is the first thing you would do??
Answer : Check how I can help as an Assassin.
4. That's most admirable. Is there anything that you would like to ask me about?
Answer : Main goals as an Assassin.

When all the question are answered, Guildmaster will summon everyone in the Guild to gather
Then the meeting accepts us as an Assassin and will give us the item Necklace of Oblivion.
After receiving the item you will be sent to the first room
Talk to the Guildsman NPC and he will change your job into Assassin.

Talk to the Guildsman NPC and they he change your job!.

Job Quest : Blacksmith

Quest conditions

1. Only Merchant Job lv. 40 and above also make sure to use all Skill Points before completing the quest.

Blacksmith Quest

Go to Geffen as shown in the picture, the location is Blacksmith Guild (coordinates geffen 176 61)

Go inside and talk to Npc Guildsman and sign up, then he will tell you to meet the chief mechanic at City Alberta

Go to alberta (117,42) and go inside


When you come in, talk to the chief mechanic Npc as in the picture. He will ask you 10 questions to answer correctly. The questions will be randomly 2 sets
(check first question that matches which set. You can answer the answer below)

Answers : Set 1

Answer : (Alberta - Swordmace)
Answer : (Stun)
Answer : (Running Fast)
Answer : (Geffen)
Answer : (8 O'clock Geffen)
Answer : (Bible)
Answer : (Mink Coat)
Answer : (+5)
Answer : (Sakkat)
Answer : (All answers are correct)

Answers : Set 2

Answer : (Al De Baran - Hammer)
Answer : (3 Zeny)
Answer : (Must have cart)
Answer : (Alberta)
Answer : (5 O'clock)
Answer : (Claymore)
Answer : (Mink Coat)
Answer : (+4)
Answer : (Anolian)
Answer : (All answers are correct)

When all questions are answered, Talk to him again and he will then assign you the items needed to craft his weapon. which will randomly 1 out of 5 sets.

Bring the items he needs to make weapons. After that he will tell you the destination to send the goods. which randomly all 5 cities

Delivery location type 1 : Go to Morroc Npc named Wickebine, coordinates morocc 27 112, you will receive 1 voucher.

Delivery location type 2 : Go to Geffen Npc named Baisulitst, location geffen 46 164, you will receive 1 voucher.

Place of delivery type 3: Go to izlude Npc named Gromgast at izlude 69 1 78, you will receive 1 voucher.

Delivery location 4 : Go to Payon Npc named Tilpitz, payon 149 41, you will receive 1 voucher.

Delivery Location 5 : Go to Morroc ruins 106 124 Npc named Bismarck will receive 1 voucher.

After recieving the receipt, go back to Npc. chief mechanic at Alberta handed him the receipt, then go to Guildsman in Geffen
He will send us to meet Npc Mitmayer in Morocc


Go to Morocc (located at morocc 93 133) and find an Npc named Mitmayer standing near the palm tree. She will ask us questions that are
Questions that we must answer correctly And 3 questions will be randomly selected. We need to answer all correctly to pass.
(Check the first question that matches which set. You can answer as below)

Answers : Set 1

Answer : (Level 3 Enlarge Weight)
Answer : (Stun)
Answer : (1000 Zeny)
Answer : (24 %)
Answer : (24 %)

Answers : Set 2

Answer : (Skel Worker)
Answer : (Flame Heart)
Answer : (Red Blood, Green Live or Crystal Blue)
Answer : (Water)
Answer : (5)

Answers : Set 3

Answer : (Ask what they need or Talk for a bit)
Answer : (Alberta)
Answer : (5 O'clock)
Answer : (Geffen)
Answer : (DEX)

Once the questions are answered correctly, she will give you a Hammer of Blacksmith as proof that we have successfully completed the test
. ** In this situation, we cannot use Hammer of Blacksmith that is dropped from normal monsters. So be careful not to duplicate the common ones. **

Then go back to Npc Blacksmith at Geffen 176 61 Blacksmith Guild. again, then you can become a Blacksmith immediately.

Job Quest : Priest

Quest conditions

1. Only Acolyte Job lv. 40 and above also make sure to use all Skill Points before completing the quest.

Priest Quest

Apply to become a Priest in Prontera 234,314

Go to the first room on the left / talk to Bishop Pail and Select "I want to be. Priest"

He will let you go to those 3 pilgrimage (only for JOB 40 only)

Those who have Job Level 50 will not need to take any test.

Father Rubalkabara is northeast of Prontera (prt_fild03 365, 255) – starting from Prontera>Right>Top>Right

Mother Mathilda on the map above Morroc, a town located southwest of Prontera (moc_fild07 41, 355) – starting from Morroc>Top

Pastor Yosuke is near the bridge of the map. Northwest of Prontera (prt_fild00 208, 218) – starting from Prontera>Left>Top>Left

After talkiing to the pilgrimage, Go to Prontera church and talk to "Bishop Paul" again to take the test.

Enter the test room and talk to Father Peter to take the exam

Test Room 1 Let's defeat the zombie horde within 5 minutes by using the skill. Heal

The second test room will have many demon monsters that will talk to you and lure you.
Just Always choose the 2nd answer (answer "Go away, demon") and you will pass.

After that on the next room, you will find the Mummy. Just hurry and run away to enter the other side of the portal.

Test 3
Talk to Bishop Paul and he will direct you to the Sister Cecile below


Talk to Sister Cecile and Employ common sense to answer her questions with holy and righteous responses to pass it.
When you're done answering the question, he'll ask you to go back to Bishop Paul and he'll instantly change your class into Priest!

Job Quest : Hunter

Quest conditions

1. Only Archer Job lv. 40 and above also make sure to use all Skill Points before completing the quest.

Hunter Quest

Go to Payon Town and walk out of the portal. on the right side of the city
When you reach the map outside, walk to the right, bottom, right, one map each, you will find a map pay_fild10
Walk to the coordinates pay_fild10 143, 250, when you arrive, talk to the Npc in the picture to teleport to the Hunter Guild

Talk to Hunter Sharon and Answer all the basic questions as follows.

Q : You've been an training for a while, and now you're running out of ideas about where to go hunt. What should you do?
A : Ask someone politely or Just Explore
Q : so you picked your hunting spot! You plan to go to the Sograt Desert to hunt Hodes. But you're in Payon! How do you get to the desert?
A : Kafra Warp or Walk with a friend
Q : There are no priests around, all your friends are busy, and you don't have enough money for a kafra warp. How do you get the money?
A : Sell useless items or Go hunting in a nearby field
Q : You somehow get to the desert, but now you feel too weak to hunt hodes. What do you do now??
A : Go rest at morroc
Q : It's too much, you can't do it. You go to Morroc. By the time you return to town, you have no hp left, but you see a priest. How do you ask for a heal?
A : If it's ok, can i have a heal please?
Q : While hunting, you find a rare item. You go to the market to sell it, and find lots of people and chat rooms. What do you do to sell the item quicker?
A : Make your own chat room or See if anyone is buying
Q : After a while, a person starts to beg you. What do you do?
A : Tell them where to level and make money.
Q : You decide to go hunting in the woods. But you find someone who's lost. What do you do?
A : Give him/her directions or Personally escort him/her.
Q : You take the person to a safe place and resume hunting. While hunting, you see someone fighting a mvp! What do you do?
A : Watch and attack if asked for help.
Q : Now you're done hunting for the day. You find a rare item on the street while going back to town. What do you do?
A : Try to find owner or Walk past it

After passing the written exam Walk to the left to test finding items with Npc Demon Hunter
Which will randomly find all 5 items that need to be found, which must be collected and brought to him.

Here are the sample of item collections:

---- Item Set 1 ----

Bill of Birds x 3

Skel-Bone x 5

Green Herb x 3

---- Item Set 3 ----

Dokebi Horn x 3

Piece of Egg Shell x 3

Fluff x 10

---- Item Set 5 ----

Tooth of Bat x 3

Sticky Mucus x 1

Bear's Footskin x 1

---- Item Set 2 ----

Venom Canine x 3

Animal Skin x 3

Red Herb x 15

---- Item Set 4 ----

Yellow Herb x 9

Worm Peelings x 9

Shell x 9

---- Item Set 6 ----

Porcupine Spike x 2

Yoyo Tail x 1

Acorn x 1

---- Item Set 7 ----

Claw Of Desert Wolf, x 5

Trunk x 5

White Herb x 3

Once we have all the items assigned back to Demon Hunter, he will direct you to the Archer
Guild. To test the final test, which measures your ability to dodge. Hunter's chase and accuracy

walk inside and enter the right warp as in the picture

When entering the room, you will find Npc Examiner named Guild Master
He will explain how to take the exam. After talking to him, select "Start testing"

He will send us in test waiting room Let us press into the room Waiting Room"
to test But if someone is testing it, let us wait. until the person completes the test. So it will be our turn.

When entering the test, you will have 3 minutes to find monsters to defeat.
At least 4 monsters with the name Job Change Monster (shown) must be defeated.

After eliminating all monsters, you must press the black switch. in the middle of the map (as shown in the figure)

When pressing the black switch, there will be 30 seconds. Let us hurry to the top to enter the portal (as shown in the picture), and the test is complete.

when you come out Go back and talk to Guild Master, will give Necklace of Wisdom
To use it and change you into Hunter. When you got it, go back and talk to Hunter Sharon again


Talk to Hunter Sharon, she will immediately change your job to Hunter.

Job Quest : Wizard

Quest conditions

1. Only Magician Job lv. 40 and above also make sure to use all Skill Points before completing the quest.

Wizard Quest

Go to Geffen coordinates (120,110), go inside and walk up to the top of the tower


Talk to NPC Wizard Guildsman and select "I want to be. Wizard"

Collect items

She will need you to collect Items, there are 2 types of items as in the example below.
(If you have Job Level 50, you will not require any test.)

Item set 1

Blue Gemstone x 10 ea

Red Gemstone x 10 ea

Yellow Gemstone x 10 ea

Item set 2

Red blood x 5 ea

Crystal blue x 5 ea

Wind of verdure x 5 ea

Green Live x 5 ea

Quiz test

Talk to the NPC Gloomy Wizard in the lower corner of the room
. Select an answer "I want to take the test" and he will give you answer 10 questions
There will be a random set of 3 questions (see the answer below)

Set of questions 1

1. Which of the following is not necessary to learn Fire Wall?
Answer : Napalm Beat Lv. 4
2. Regardless of it's previous attribute. What does the monster's attribute change to when you cast Frost Diver on it?
Answer : change to attribute Water
3. When you completely master Napalm Beat, what is the ratio of the increased MATK using that spell?
Answer : 1.7x
4. What item do you need when casting Stone Curse?
Answer : Red Gemstone
5. Which of the following is NOT required to master Safety Wall?
Answer : SP Recovery Lv. 6
6. Without the INT bonus, what amount of SP is recovered every 10 seconds when you have learned Increase SP Recovery Lv 7?
Answer : 21
7. Using Energy Coat, when you have 50% of your SP remaining, how much SP is used when hit, and what percentage is damage reduced by?
Answer : Damage 18%, 2% Sp
8. How much SP is consumed and how many times can you avoid attacks when using Safety Wall Lv 6?
Answer : 40 SP and blocks 7 attacks
9. How much SP is needed when using Lv 10 Thunderstorm?
Answer : 74
10. Which skill is most useful training in the Byalan Dungeon?
Answer : Lightning Bolt

Set of questions 2

1. Which stat is most important for a Mage?
Answer : INT
2. Which attribute does not have a 'Bolt' type attack?
Answer : Earth
3. Choose the one that does not relate to a mage.
Answer : Good at selling stuff
4. Which town is the home of the Mages?
Answer : Geffen
5. Which of the following cards has nothing to do with INT?
Answer : Andre Card
6. What is the Mage good at compared to other job classes?
Answer : Good at magic skills
7. What is the INT bonus at Job Lv 40 for a mage?
Answer : 5
8. Which item can't be equipped by mages?
Answer : Cap
9. Which of the following is the catalyst when making the Mage test solution 3?
Answer : Red Blood
10. Which card is irrelevant to magic?
Answer : Magnolia Card

Set of questions 3

1. Which monster can you obtain a slotted Guard from?
Answer : Answer Pupa
2. Which of the following is the easiest monster for a low level Mage to hunt?
Answer : Answer Flora
3. Which monster will not be affected by Stone Curse?
Answer : Answer Evil Druid
4. When attacking a Lv 3 water attribute monster with a wind attribute weapon, what is the damage percentage?
Answer : Answer 200%
5. If a Baby Desert Wolf and a Familiar fought, which one would win?
Answer : Answer Baby Desert Wolf
6. Which of the following cannot be a Cute Pet?
Answer : Answer Roda Frog
7. Choose the monster that is weak against a fire attribute attack.
Answer : Answer Hammer Goblin
8. Which of the following monsters has the highest defence?
Answer : Answer Caramel
9. Choose the monster that's a different species.
Answer : Answer Spore
10. Which of the following is not an Undead monster?
Answer : Answer Deviace

Once all question are answered, talk to the Gloomy Wizard one more time to take the test. (Choose a topic from the picture below)

He will send you to the waiting room before testing. click on "Wizard Test Waiting Room" to take the test
There are 3 rooms for testing, each room contains monsters. 3 elements are Water, Earth, Fire
And there will be 3 minutes for each room when we kill all the normal monsters in that room.
You will meet the Boss, the room warden. This section will have a 1 minute time to defeat the monsters.
Each room can be seen in the example below.

Room 1 Water-type monster

Phen Marin

Obeaune Marina

Shellfish Magnolia

Vadon Cornutus

The boss in this room is Marine Sphere The minions are 4 Hydra.

Use the skill Lightning Bolt

Room 2 Earth-type monster

Giearth Vitata

Orc Warrior Hode

Goblin Savage

Yoyo Bigfoot

Deniro Caramel


The boss in this room is Flora

The minions are 6 Mandragora.

Use the skill Fire Bolt

Room 3 Fire-type monster

Desert Wolf Scorpion

Metaller Elder Willow

Zerom Peco Peco

Frilldora Goblin

The boss in this room is Greatest General 2 Horong Minions

Use the skill Cold Bolt

If you wipe out every room, you will pass the test and change job immediately!

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